Made Complete Youth Camp


Made Complete Youth Camp

AUGUST 11-14, 2018
Youth Camp for middle and high schoolers
In LaBelle, FL

  September 1-4, 2017

Email us with any questions at camp@made210.org


Camp details

Camp details

Purpose of Camp:

To gather youth from different churches and schools with the sole purpose of lifting up the name of Jesus.

To give youth an environment away from their everyday lives, in which they can pursue Jesus, while creating new friendships, having fun, and forming lifelong memories.

To establish an atmosphere in which youth can encounter God personally, seek more of Him, and cultivate their relationship with Him.

Vision of Made Complete:

That every youth will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.

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Be part of camp!

Be part of camp!

Please click below; there's so many ways you can get involved in this year's camp! 

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Ask us anything:

This year's work-shop will be an ask-all Q&A!
We want to answer your questions, whether it's about God, faith, school, or just life in general. Ask away below! 
P.S. This is completely anonymous!

Get ready to worship at camp! 



The camp experience

The camp experience


Tag Teams

Tag teams are small groups that meet up various times throughout camp. They're an opportunity for youth to ask questions, discuss personal issues, and engage in life- changing conversations.


General Sessions


Throughout camp, we'll meet several times to hear from our special guest speakers together. This is a time where God can speak directly to our hearts on this year's theme: making Him known.



The instant connection that worshiping and glorifying God creates, is like no other. We believe in praising God for all that He has done and will continue to do, while experiencing and encountering Him with every word we sing. 


Non-stop Fun

We believe that youth should have FUN and be FREE, so there is plenty of time at camp for that. Get ready for some messy games and fun memories to last a lifetime.


Color wars

Get ready because we like to have friendly competitions! You'll be part of a color squad at camp depending on your grade that year: Green- high school boys, Purple- high school girls, Blue- middle school boys, and Pink- middle school girls. 


Serving Socks

We love that camp gives us an opportunity to not only receive, but also give to our community. Join us by bringing new socks for women and children to camp; they will be donated to the Lotus House in Overtown. We hope you can contribute and make a difference! 


Camp Rallies

Camp rallies are held throughout the year so we can continue what God began at camp! Stay in touch wit friends and grow together! Plus, you can invite new friends that you want to attend camp next year. Check out our event page for information on the next camp rally.


Camp Workshops

Camp workshops are another opportunity to learn together by engaging in specific topics connected to this year's theme. You can choose one workshop options to fit your lifestyle and interests.





What is Youth Camp?: Youth camp is our annual summer getaway, where we take the time to disconnect and spend time with God and friends. It is an opportunity to get encouraged and motivated towards the purposes and plans God has in store for us. 
Where and when is Youth Camp?: Camp will be held from August 11-14th, 2018 at Riverside Camp and Retreat Center  in LaBelle, FL which provides a safe environment with great facilities, including air-conditioned cabins. 
How will my child get to camp?: We will be traveling together in buses to LaBelle, Fl. More information will be provided as we get closer to camp. 
When should I register my child for camp?: The sooner the better! Not only can you take advantage of our start-up prices, but you will also be guaranteed a spot at camp before we reach capacity. 
Can I attend camp even if I do not attend a specific church?: Of course! We want you to feel welcomed to join us no matter where you are in your walk with Christ. We hope that camp will encourage you to continue pursuing a relationship with God. 
How do I know what cabin I will be sleeping in?: Cabins are divided by gender and grade, or in other words, by color squads (Green- high school boys, Purple- high school girls, Blue- middle school boys, and Pink- middle school girls).
Will there be security and medical personnel?: Definitely! Your youth's safety and well-being is our number one priority, therefore we have at least one security personnel per cabin, as well as medical personnel certified in CPR and First Aid. There will also be adult supervision throughout all camp activities. 
What kind of food is served at camp?: Food is one of our favorite parts of camp because they are all home-cooked meals by a group of amazing moms and dads who volunteer to prepare each meal and snack. Usually, we'll have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks available each day. If your son/daughter has a dietary restriction, please be sure to include it in their camp registration. 
What should I pack for camp? You'll receive a parent and student packet about a month before camp with all of the basic necessities, but here is a little preview: 4 casual outfits, 2 sets of clothes to get dirty, modest swimwear, PJs, personal bathroom items, comfortable close-toes shoes, a pair of shower sandals, bedding, pillows, sunscreen/bug spray, Bible and journal. Don't forget to bring clothing items and accessories of your camp color squad!
What is not allowed at camp? Drugs, alcohol, weapons, or gaming devices. We also do not allow cellphones throughout the duration of camp so youth can focus on all of the camp activities. 
How many volunteers will be at camp?: We will have about 1 adult volunteer to every 3 students. Each volunteer has been screened to make sure they qualified to influence your youth in the best way possible. 
What are some youth testimonies from previous camps? (anonymously)
-"During camp I heard God tell me that in order to fulfill his plan I needed to never back down from a person in need."
-"M.A.D.E. Camp has taught me that serving can be fun, when you do it with a good attitude, and good heart. I have also learned that if I want to make a difference I have to step out and reach out to those who don't know God. And to serve with a relentless passion and love. And has taught me to be more outgoing and love others with the love that God has for me."
- "I asked God to give me a sign that he was ready to use me and he gave me a word telling me to "sound the alarm for great things are coming" 
What are some parent testimonies from previous camps? (anonymously)
-"This is one of the best experiences for youth. It was my sons' first time at a youth camp and it is incredible how comfortable they felt and the opportunity they had to learn from people who spoken to them at their level. I recommend it to everyone; it is a great gift to our children."
- "Very exciting as a parent, knowing that my son was very happy to be there, sharing with you guys and letting God fill them with word and with the Holy Spirit."
If I have any other questions regarding camp, who can I contact? Please feel free to email us at camp@made210.org with any questions, comments, or concerns. We thank you for your interest!