Why we do Cap Class:

We believe that it is our responsibility to teach and empower this generation to have the character of Christ. In equipping them with this, they will be able to impact their community through service and evangelism; not only in specific activities but in everyday life, being a living example of His character. 

Classes are held in discussion-style so that everyone can participate and feel comfortable sharing their opinions about a

We are currently having weekly capacitation classes for middle and high schoolers on
Monday nights at our W. Flagler location.

What we are currently learning:

This current Capacitation Class curriculum will be based on the book by Lisa Jo-Baker "Never Unfriended". Relationships are an important part of our lives, especially as young people. We often find ourselves finding criticizing our friends and asking what we look for in friendships, but how many times do we stop and look at ourselves as friends? Are we someone that is approachable, nonjudgmental, and available? Do we have friendships just to find acceptance or for genuine relationship? As we start this series, we want to focus on how to start and keep friendships long-term by becoming the best friends we can be. By keeping being better friends and better people, we will be able to make a bigger difference in our community.  

To sign up for our next series of capacitation classes or for more information, please email us at info@made210.org