God has been more than faithful to us in the past couple of years. As we began M.A.D.E. (Making A Difference Everyday, Corp.), we knew that it was our mission to reach out to this generation and instill in them a heart of service.

As we would look into the world’s attitude about our generation, we began to realize the power of words. Useless. Young. Immature. Egotistic. Careless. Ignorant. Lazy.

Too often, we have been labeled as unproductive and selfish, when in reality God created us with a purpose to do, go, and give. The best way to change these labels is through action. Doing. Going. Giving. After all, actions speak louder than words, right?

Through M.A.D.E. we wish to tear down stereotypes and build up world- changers. We wish to raise up a generation known for their hearts of service to others, but most importantly to God. We wish to make a difference in every aspect our societies, every single day.

This is the heart of M.A.D.E. But we cannot do this alone. Every single member of our community is responsible for the upcoming generation. For us to be able to grow, we need your support today and every day. Which is why we are doing this online fundraiser. The funds collected will be used to expand M.A.D.E. and fuel its mission.

We ask that you pray and consider donating to our fundraiser today or become a M.A.D.E. Financial Builder by subscribing to be a monthly sponsor.

Thank you in advance for making a difference in this generation and all the ones to come.


Making a difference today,

Ester and Ale