July 10th, 2012 was the beginning of a new adventure for us. Our hearts had been tugged by God about uniting community service with discipleship in order to steer this generation towards being living examples of His love. I don’t think we ever imagined that it would get this far or that so many lives would have impacted. I definitely didn’t imagine that our lives would be the most changed by the individuals we have encountered along the way, yet God’s grace, will, and faithfulness has guided us through it all.  

In five years, we have done over 935 hours of community service and capacitation classes, and have impacted approximately 640, 980 people worldwide. However, the numbers only tell part of the story; it’s the testimonies that really paint the beautiful picture of how this generation has started to change the world. Stories of a 14 year-old realizing how God could use him to serve others when he thought he was talentless otherwise. Stories of youth who felt lost, forgotten, and lonely but discovered that with their identities set in Christ, they are found, chosen, and part of a family of difference makers. Only time will tell the lives that have been forever changed by perfect God’s plan, so we continue on.

We are grateful for everyone that has supported the vision God gave us five years ago and made it their own. For praying and encouraging us to keep going forward, but most importantly, for embodying what a difference maker looks like. We have dedicated our lives to build up a generation that makes a difference everyday and by the hand of God and with your support, we’ll continue on.


Ester Avero and Alejandra Alvarado

Co- Founders