July 10th, 2012 marked the beginning of a new journey where God brought two ideas together and built what is known today as Making A Difference Everyday, Corp (M.A.D.E.). It all started with a passion to bring children and youth together to serve their community while simultaneously growing together physically, spiritually, and mentally. We never imagined where God would take us and how many different groups of people He would allow us to reach in this time.


Throughout these six years, we have encountered both overwhelming grace and growing pains. Both unending faithfulness and tested faith. However, through it all, we have seen God’s goodness in every community service event, youth camp, and capacitation class. This past year, we even had the opportunity to turn a mess into a blessing after Hurricane Irma hit South Florida in September and we served our communities directly. In these six years, we have completed over 1,425 hours of events and have impacted 674,620 individuals worldwide. Yet, regardless of the numbers, we know that if only one person had been reached, served, and loved through M.A.D.E., that would have been enough for God’s purpose to be complete.


First and foremost, we thank God for this time and for having His hand over this organization at all times; for guiding and providing everything for His will to come to fruition. We are grateful to be open vessels filled with the greatest purpose and for the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to reach the least of these. We also want to thank a very special group we call the Elders Council; many people do not know that M.A.D.E. is completely run by youth! God has given us the great privilege to work alongside a group of youth and young adults that are making a difference from the very core of our organization and it is our honor to serve together. Lastly, we want to thank every child, youth, and parent that has participated, volunteered, contributed, and been part of every event in the past six years. We pray that you may carry the difference maker vision in your life every single day, wherever God may lead you.


Every year that passes is full of expectation, excitement, and experiences to learn from. Year six has paved the way for new adventures, including our first away camp, but we cannot wait for what year seven has in store for us. Stay tuned for the best is still yet to come!


Making A Difference Everyday,


Ale and Ester