People have always wanted to make their mark on history and change it. People want to be like Martin Luther King Jr. and stand up for the rights of African Americans, like George Washington and lead the charge for your country’s independence, or like Billy Graham and lead a global revival for the Christian community. 

     In light of our human desire to change the world, I’ve asked myself many times, “What kind of person changes the world?” to find out what kind of qualities a world changer possesses. In my search for answers to this question, I learned about three people who changed the world and I want to share with you what we can learn from them.

     1. Ghandi: Mahatma Ghandi was a man who radically changed the way we view protesting. Ghandi was a man who wanted independence for the British-ruled nation of India, but instead of leading a war on the English, he used peaceful protesting tactics that would later be used by people like Martin Luther King Jr. His peaceful tactics taught everyone that war is not the only instrument for change. Ghandi once said, “Where there is love, there is life.” So, if you want to change the world you first have to love it.

     2. Steve Jobs: Perhaps one of the men, if not the man, who changed the face of the modern world is Steve Jobs. He and his friend, Steve Wozniak, were the co-founders of Apple. When we look at Job’s legacy we don’t see one of a simple computer company owner; we see one of an incredible visionary who instead of being ok with the state of the world, decided to change it by bringing about a new age of smart technology and touchscreen phones. When we think of Steve Jobs we think of a dreamer and that’s the kind of person who changes the world - someone who dreams extravagantly.

     3. John Wesley: John Wesley was a pastor in the 1700’s who led a revival in the Christian community. He traveled constantly and preached two or three times a day everywhere he went. He preached to everyone he came across and people came from miles to see him speak. When asked about why so many people come to see him, Wesley answered, “I ask God to set me on fire every day, and people come so they can watch me burn.” To change the world, you must have a God-given boldness so people can “watch you burn.”

     So you want to change the world? The people that change the world are those who love people and care for them,  dream big enough to see change, and are bold enough to stand up for what they believe in. Those who build up these qualities can change the world. Although the call is not easy, it is worth it. 

Will you take up the call and change the world?

Christian Muraldo